Water filters and Filtration systems online store

Water filters and Filtration systems online store

Drinking Water Filtration systems – Water filters online store – Buy best and quality Water Filtration Systems products

Drinking Water Filtration systems

The water that enters our taps, from which we drink, can contain dirt, tartar, sand, fluoride and various flavors – Drinking Water Filtration systems.

Filtering water with a household filter will help improve its quality

home Water filtration systems

Sometimes there are substances in the water that are better off not getting into the human body

Water filters

Quality filters for water purifiers, filters for water treatment systems, useful and effective water filtration filters for preventing tartar formation, softening

Purifying water from foreign objects and harmful tastes – are of great importance for

drinking water purification

whole house water filtration system

It is reccommended to use them regularly on a daily basis – whole house water filtration system

We at Filter Shop import various types of water filters and provide installation replacement and purchase of original filters

We provide their (less expensive) water filtration substitutes for all water treatment systems sold in Israel

Filtered water

Household filters of various types allow you to remove impurities from the water.

When purchasing filters, we recommend that you check the country of origin, filter quality, filter type, service and product warranty

Filtershop – Water filters online store

Filter Shop – Water filters online store, Import and marketing of domestic and industrial water quality systems for marketers and private customers has been on the market since 1981 and supplies filters made directly in the USA or under American licenses

Filters from American companies are the most first-class water purifiers in the world

Best home Water Filtration Systems

You can order the installation of a home or office water filter installed under the washbasin or on external water supply pipes

For filtering an entire individual floor and enjoy professional installation at affordable prices and always be at the forefront of water purification and filtration systems

We provide our customers with full responsibility and a guarantee for our products: filters and water purifiers, water filtration and purification systems, as well as for the installation work we perform

You can get information about us and our products on the website

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Water filter – Purifying drinking water

About filtershop

Filtershop is the internet store of the importer GRA LTD (general representatives and agencies), that was founded in 1981

The company imports and distributes water filtration products for home usage that are made in the USA only

filtration systems for water

We at Filter Shop import various types of filtration systems for water

 All of our products were tested and approved by the USA NSF organization as well as the Israeli SII organization